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Máy cắt CNC Plasma nhiều mỏ
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Máy cắt CNC Plasma

Cutting Mode
Flame and Plasma
Driving Mode
Servo motor or stepper motor, Dual-side
Cross beam Width
stardard 4m,Customized 4.5 to 6m.
Effective Working Width
1m less than track width,
Guide rail Length
stardard 6m,Customized 30m.
effective working length
2m less than guide rail length 
Flame Cutting thickness
 5-200mm (specific type up to 300mm)
Plasma Cutting thickness
According to the plasma generator, common 1-30mm
Number of Cutting Torch
At customer requests
Cutting Speed
50-8800 mm/min
Running speed
12000 mm/min
NC Controller
Beijing, shanghai or import System you want
Plasma Power
stardard 120A, Customized 200A,300A etc. China, USA brand 
Programming software
China or Australia professional nesting software 
Operation language
English or Chinese or Russian
Detailed Images
Machine body structure
1.Steel hollow beam design ensures good heat dissipation without deformation;
2. Box weldment structure process tempering ensures excellent rigidity and intensity;
3. Double drive adopts symmetrical structure.

1. The gear-rack driving motions without engagement gap ensure the machine running smooth at high speed;
2. Gear box: SEW, high output torsion low noise.
Drive Model

Japan AC servo motor or Stepper motor Bi-side Driving.
Japan shimpo reducer or German technology planetary reducer. 
Guide Rail 

Process mode: High precision grinder;
Longitudinal rack accuracy: 7 grade;
Unit length: 1.0M or 2.0M.
Height Controller 

Multiple cutting torches can be configured. Both flame and plasma torches are optional to meet the needs of cutting different materials in a range of thickness.
Flame:Electric height adjusting system.
Plasma:Arc voltage height controller. 
CNC System 

1. 10.4 inch LCD display;
2. USB port support, figures display;
3. Indicator lights showing working condition;
4. Operation menu displayed instantly on monitor;
5. Easy figures programmed directly.
Beijing or Shanghai or American Brand CNC system is oPtional

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