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Máy xung ZNC-860N
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12 tháng
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4700 kg

EBN Control Screen (AI / FUZZY / Control)

EBN (ZNC) controller specification

* Auto Index has been introduced to the controlling system to be more user friendly. The

new function allows the user to select the conditions (material of the work piece, depth,

working area, etc.) in order to generate the sparking parameter.

* Sparking parameters (ON Time, OFF Time, Working Time, Jump Height, Jump Speed,

etc.) are able to be adjusted during machining via FUZZY in order to improve the sparking

efficiency and the quality of the final product.

* Color LCD. PC Base, 32bit Industrial Level Computer (IPC).

* Chinese / English and Inch / Metric Mode.

* The Spark Circuit Design includes MOS-FET high power transistor and High Speed

POWER- SINK reduce electrode wear and increase working speed.

* Reduce electrode wear and increase working speed.

* Modules insert card design is used in power controller for easily maintain.

* Two groups of coordinates are both switchable and editable ; this helps user to set the

reference point easier.

* Allow user to have the option of choosing absolute depth or relative depth based on the


* Sparking parameter and depth input are displayed under the same mode for user to

read easier.

* 200 lines of working conditions are provided in the system, user can select any block

as start and ending line. In addition,the system can save up to 50 files.

* The Jog mode includes 3 functions, Jog, Feed and Protect / Unprotect switch. Regarding

to the Jog and Feed function, Jog mode has 4 speeds (x5.x50.x250.x500μm) allow user to

have the flexibility when adjusting the position of the workpiece and z-axis.

* The Z-Axis Alignment function can be operated without using Manual Edge Find so that

the time for edge find is reduced.The value of current can be changed as needed.

* EDM allows the cutting process to be automatized, start from rough cut to fine finish.

* A standard EDM features the Z-Axis lock function allows to expand the orbiter.

* The system features the Center Find function which helps the user during alignment on a

circular workpiece.

* The Z-axis features multiple kinds of slag tapping. This function is utilized based on various

of machining such as deep machining, corner sharpening, machining at large area, machining

on thin workpiece, tilt machining, etc.

  • Capacity of Work Tank : 1800x1100x620 mm

  • Machine Outside Dimensions (WxDxH): 3400x3250x3200 mm

  • Work Table Size: 1200x700 mm

  • Machine Weight: 4700 kgs

  • Longitudinal Travel (X-Axis): 800 mm

  • Max. Machining Current: 90 / 120 A (Optional)

  • Cross Travel (Y-Axis): 600 mm

  • Max. Power Input: 10 / 13 KVA

  • Z Axis Travel (Z-Axis + W-Axis): 500 mm

  • Max. Machining Rate: 600 / 800 mm3/min

  • Distance Between Platen to Table: 450~950 mm

  • Min. Electrode Wear Ratio: 0.15 %

  • Max. Electrode Weight: 350 kgs

  • Best surface / Ra: Ra 0.2 μm

  • Max. Work Piece Weight: 4000 kgs

  • Min. D. R. O. Resolution: 0.005 mm

  • Fluid Tank Capacity: 1400 L

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